Monday, 6 July 2015


I have never really been a fashion genius mogul and all other adjectives depicting my prowess in fashion. That said, I appreciate really nice dressing. Myself I try to keep up with the fashion trends. Here is my problem. Popular culture is real and its impact in Kenya undeniable. I remember in high school I had some really nice sweat pants and shirt that I used to sleep in. Get that sleep in. now my very mature boyfriend now shows up for a date dressed in a very colorful sweat pant… maniacal. The mature part has nothing to do with his actions just his age. So sad.

We have become so susceptible to all we see on T. V to the point of insanity. We do not take time to filter through what fashion is age appropriate. The problem lies in the teen drama series we have been watching. Pretty little liars , gossip girl, 90210, twisted the list goes on in those 50 shillings movie stores. I hope you noticed the word teen for teenage. Whatever lifestyle they portray is for teenagers. You are in your 4th year in campus and you want to come dressed in unfinished tights and a Pokémon crop top with a red bandana on your head and pink sneakers to complete the look. My dear the chaguo la teeniz awards no longer exists, grow up. A girl in high school would pull that off nicely but not you no! no!no! it’s just not making the cut. Fashion bloggers you are the sensei to the art of dressing. Be real with these humans that simply means stop misleading them. Show us how to wear cropped tops depending on our ages. Do not just put a style out there without guidelines. Trust me I am proud of you so far. Kenyans are outdoing themselves in the social events. Blankets and wine masaku 7s you know where all social climbers and wannabes want a picture with a celebrity for IG, Face book, tweeter  I don’t know, but that is a story for another day.
I am not saying that we should get stuck up on official clothing since age is catching up with us. I am saying let’s dress as should.

Monday, 15 June 2015


Imagine the number of things you’ve always wanted to say. Try and do a count of the ones you managed to put out there. Now muse at the ones that remained in your jaded heart. It’s crazy… I felt like having a wake for those amazing thoughts. They would have triggered public debate (trying not to sound vindictive), stirred emotions (main intention) hurt too many feelings (crushed it!!!). Anyway that passed you dint say it deal with it, I do every day.
The actual issue is why we never get to say these things. Most of the time the reasons will involve thoughts from other parties. He/she will think it’s about him, sounds too cliché’ and mainstream, that is not me, people will ask questions, they will know that is what is happening in my life and blah blah blah. I feel you dearie!. I am not being sarcastic. I honestly understand simply because that is normal. So you expect to update a deuces kind of status and we comfortably assume it’s your neighbor. Get a life!
Of course everyone will assume it’s your now not so better half. A Tailor Swift song common! you would have tried a more vintage song .We all trying to be different. For your information being bitchy is also not us. It is an acquired taste.
The point to all this is simple. It is okay to express your emotions they way you like. Never hold back because of anyone, especially those in your life they tend to do something called leaving. So you never said something you thought would look bad on your then boyfriend. Where is he now? Yeah… I thought so. Those lyrics from the passenger that you love so much edit them for the 160 word limit. And put the whole song where there are no limits. I do not promise we will not criticize. How? We are Kenyans on social media that is what we do.  Just engage us  in the nasty way we  respond before you know it someone else will have done worse than you and we will be on their case.
You will get to experience relief from expression. That human you wanted to wish karma on will see and it will bite like hell. Yes forgiveness is for you but not before you do all these.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Is it really a pay cut or mediocrity in a bid to show Kenyans that an effort is being made to deal with the current wage bill consuming more than 90% of our national annual budget? A lot is left to be desired following the act of the president to have the executive get a 20% pay cut that will save the tax payers about 43million in a financial year. It is good money to be added to the budget lets not deny that  but where is the sense of it when the deputy president is using a jet that bleeds the tax payers 25million every 3 months? This money to these people is almost like peanuts they make us feel like they are topping up the budget for our good but the truth is that  the common mwananchi is taxed mercilessly for them to get those salaries.

First they need to check those allowances if they are to move the wage bill for a moment. At a point in time when people are dying in Turkana due to hunger no moral being in Kenya should be earning an entertainment allowance especially in the public sector. All those vehicle s they fuel each day for people to loiter with even in times when they are attending to issues not related to their work should be stopped. Why in the hell would MP's and senators earn sitting allowances and in the first place that is their job, to sit and legislate!. However much the civil servants complain that their salaries cannot be reduced, the problem is there and it needs to be solved, but in more realistic ways.